Marta Zuvic-Butorac

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The existence of different lipid domains in the monolayers of the human erythrocyte membrane was investigated at 4 degrees C by employing spin-labelled phospholipid analogues. Spectra of analogues located exclusively either in the exoplasmic or in the cytoplasmic leaflet of erythrocyte membranes were recorded. Spectra were simulated by variation of order(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the impact of smoking and number of previous births on maternal serum levels of alpha-fetoprotein and free beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (free beta-hCG). METHODS The study included 3,252 completed unaffected singleton pregnancies that proceeded beyond 37 weeks' gestation and resulted with a birth of healthy child.(More)
The process of implementing blended learning, by using e-learning tools as a support for traditional classroom teaching, started at the University of Rijeka at the beginning of 2008, following general strategic principles adapted to local environment. The process has been constantly supported and assessed for quality, but up to now only from the(More)
Numerous studies have demonstrated various structure/function correlations at the level of transport proteins in the kidney cell membranes and various intracellular organelles. However, characterization of the lipid phase of these membranes is rare. Here, we report the differences in lipid organization and dynamics of the brush-border membranes (BBM),(More)
AIM To perform an external validation of the original Simplified Acute Physiology Score II (SAPS II) system and to assess its performance in a selected group of patients in major Croatian hospitals. METHODS A prospective, multicenter study was conducted in five university hospitals and one general hospital during a six-month period between November 1,(More)
BACKGROUND Preoperative fasting is associated with various untoward postoperative health problems. Previous studies have stressed the advantages of preoperative feeding with a carbohydrate-rich drink 2 hours before surgery; this protocol does not increase the risk of gastric-content aspiration but reduces the level of anxiety and thirstiness during the(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this retrospective study was to determine if there is a statistically significant difference (p < or = 0.05) between mitral valve repair (MVRp) with concomitant surgical revascularization of the myocardium (CABG) and mitral valve replacement (MVR) with concomitant CABG, considering the duration of surgery, early postoperative(More)
Objective. To investigate the endocrine and/or clinical characteristics of women with low anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) that could improve the accuracy of IVF outcome prediction based on the female age alone prior to the first GnRH antagonist IVF cycle. Methods. Medical records of 129 patients with low AMH level (<6.5 pmol/L) who underwent their first GnRH(More)
The aim of this investigation was to determine the influence of occlusal relationships on the occurrence of sounds in the temporomandibular joint. A group of 100 male subjects aged 24-52 years (X = 35.03+/-6.92) was examined. Analysis of occlusion included determination of the number of existing teeth, number of teeth in occlusion, overbite and overjet,(More)