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OBJECTIVE Estimate the costs and benefits of influenza vaccination in a group of employees of an Italian District Health Authority, Unità Locale Socio Sanitaria (ULSS), to define a scheme of an economic evaluation to be used for other vaccination strategies. DESIGN In an observational study conducted from December 2002 to April 2003, 107 ULSS employees,(More)
BACKGROUND there is still little information about the use of generic questionnaires [e.g. the 36-item Short Form health survey (SF-36)] and utility questionnaires [e.g. the EuroQOL instrument (EQ-5D) and visual analogue scale (VAS)] in patients with non-cancer chronic pain. OBJECTIVES (i) to measure quality of life and utility in patients with non-cancer(More)
INTRODUCTION Spina bifida (SB) is a congenital malformation of the spinal cord, nerves, and adjacent covering structures, with different levels of severity and functional disability. The economic cost of spina bifida and its prevention using folic acid have never been estimated in Italy. This study was conducted to define the cost of illness of SB in Italy.(More)
OBJECTIVE International travelers from non-endemic areas are at high risk of contracting malaria due to their lack of immunity. Prevention is therefore of outmost importance and is achieved through effective and safe chemoprophylaxis, which reduces the risk of fatal disease. Among the various antimalarial drugs available, the synergistic combination of(More)
We assessed in a western population the efficacy of a plasma-derived hepatitis B vaccine in relatives of highly infectious hepatitis B virus (HBV) carriers. A consecutive group of 103 HbsAg, anti-HBs and anti-HBc negative household relatives of 45 HBV-DNA positive chronic carriers received a 5 pg dose of plasma-derived vaccine at 0, 1, 2 and 12 months.(More)