Marta Vilas-Boas

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For an Intelligent Decision Support System to work in real-time, it is of great value the use of intelligent agents that cooperate with each other to accomplish their tasks. In a critical environment like an Intensive Care Unit, doctors should have the right information, at the right time, to better assist their patients. In this paper we present an(More)
The decision on the most appropriate procedure to provide to the patients the best healthcare possible is a critical and complex task in Intensive Care Units (ICU). Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) should deal with huge amounts of data and online monitoring, analyzing numerous parameters and providing outputs in a short real-time. Although the(More)
Nowadays, there is a plethora of technology in hospitals and, in particular, in intensive care units. The clinical data produced everyday can be integrated in a decision support system in real-time to improve quality of care of the critically ill patients. However, there are many sensitive aspects that must be taken into account, mainly the data quality and(More)
In an Emergency Room setting there is the pressure to make rapid, often critical decisions with incomplete information and this has a significant impact on care. However, it is difficult to provide high-quality, maximally safe, and efficient care in the Emergency Room. Information technology has the great potential for transforming the health care system,(More)
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