Marta Schon

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The cell surface expression of three glycoprotein antigens, as defined by the monoclonal antibodies BT 15, T 43, and MH 99, was investigated in follicular keratinocyte populations in vivo. In addition, the regulation of glycoprotein synthesis was studied in follicular and interfollicular keratinocytes cultured in vitro. The BT 15 antigen was strongly(More)
A rabbit partial liver resection model was used to determine the hemostatic effectiveness of a new fibrin sealant. Persistent bleeding, with a mean bleeding time of 372 s and blood loss of 18 ml, from a resected lobe of the liver was achieved after rabbits in the untreated control group had been infused continuously with unfractionated heparin over 20 min(More)
Serum creatine kinase isoenzymes were determined in 24 patients with hepatic failure. Hepatic failure was due to severe acute and chronic liver disease. The 24 patients presented different degrees of coma. Nineteen cases (seven hepatitis and 12 cirrhosis) in coma grades III and IV showed the presence in serum of BB, brain and MB, myocardial isoenzymes.(More)
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