Marta Sanz

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Rex1/Zfp42 is a nuclear protein that is highly conserved in mammals, and widely used as an embryonic stem (ES) cell marker. Although Rex1 expression is associated with enhanced pluripotency, loss-of-function models recently described do not exhibit major phenotypes, and both preimplantation development and ES cell derivation appear normal in the absence of(More)
We report the construction of a plasmid vector designed for regulated gene expression in Streptococcus pneumoniae. The new vector, pLS1ROM, is based on the replicon of the streptococcal promiscuous rolling circle replication (RCR) plasmid pMV158. We inserted the controllable promoter P(M) of the S. pneumoniaemalMP operon, followed by a multi-cloning site(More)
RepB is the pMV158-encoded protein that initiates rolling-circle replication of this promiscuous plasmid. Availability of RepB is rate-limiting for the plasmid replication process, and therefore the repB gene encoding the protein is subjected to strict control. Two trans-acting plasmid elements, CopG and the antisense RNAII, are involved in controlling the(More)
Initiation of plasmid rolling circle replication (RCR) is catalyzed by a plasmid-encoded Rep protein that performs a Tyr- and metal-dependent site-specific cleavage of one DNA strand within the double-strand origin (dso) of replication. The crystal structure of RepB, the initiator protein of the streptococcal plasmid pMV158, constitutes the first example of(More)
l ectima gangrenoso es una lesión cutánea producida genealmente por Pseudomonas aeruginosa, como consecuencia de a infección de un folículo piloso o de una infección sistémica, eneralmente en pacientes inmunodeprimidos1. Se trata de na enfermedad poco frecuente a nivel mundial y con una alta asa de morbimortalidad. Las lesiones comienzan como mácuas(More)
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