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We report the construction of a plasmid vector designed for regulated gene expression in Streptococcus pneumoniae. The new vector, pLS1ROM, is based on the replicon of the streptococcal promiscuous rolling circle replication (RCR) plasmid pMV158. We inserted the controllable promoter P(M) of the S. pneumoniaemalMP operon, followed by a multi-cloning site(More)
Initiation of plasmid rolling circle replication (RCR) is catalyzed by a plasmid-encoded Rep protein that performs a Tyr- and metal-dependent site-specific cleavage of one DNA strand within the double-strand origin (dso) of replication. The crystal structure of RepB, the initiator protein of the streptococcal plasmid pMV158, constitutes the first example of(More)
(GRIND): a novel class of alignment-independent three-dimensional molecular descriptors. " J. Natural and synthetic xanthones as monoamine oxidase inhibitors: Biological assay and 3D-QSAR. " Helvetica Suitability of molecular descriptors for database mining. A comparative analysis. " GBR compounds and mepyramines as cocaine abuse therapeutics: chemometric(More)
INTRODUCTION Traditional screening system focus on classic risk factors "lost" a substantial proportion of HIV-infected patients. Several organizations such as CDC or USPS Task Force favour universal screening for HIV infection for good cost-effectiveness profile. In a previous study prevalence of HIV infection in patients attending our infectious diseases(More)
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