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Web Services are the most famous implementation of service-oriented architectures that has brought some challenging research issues. One of these is the composition, i.e., the capability to recursively construct a composite Web service as a workflow of other existing Web services, which are developed by different organizations and offer diverse(More)
Web services composition has been gaining interest over the last years as it leverages the capabilities to offer complex operations resulting from the aggregation of Web services offered by different organizations. As composite Web services are often long-running, loosely coupled and cross-organizational applications, advanced transactional support is(More)
A study on properties of data sets representing public domain audio and visual content and their relation to their indexability is presented. Data analysis considers the pairwise distance distributions and various techniques to estimate the true intrinsic dimensionality of the studied data. One own alternative to dimensionality estimation is also presented.(More)
During the execution of Composite Web Services (CWS), a component Web Service (WS) can fail and can be repaired with strategies such WS retry, substitution, compensation, roll-back, replication, or checkpointing. Each strategy behaves differently on different scenarios, impacting the CWS Q o S. We propose a non intrusive dynamic fault tolerant model that(More)