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While UML gives an intuitive image of the system, formal methods provide the proof of its correctness. We can benefit from both aspects by combining UML and formal methods. Even for the combined method we need consistent and compact description of the changes made during the system development. In the development process certain design patterns can be(More)
Software Quality is a term, which is commonly used in the wide Computer World. However, saying that the main goal for the developers and stakeholders is to achieve the software which is of high quality is too general. Measuring software quality is very complex, because it consists of evaluating software products, processes and resources, each of which is(More)
The Program to Strengthen Primary Care Health Centers supported improvements in operating systems and the development of good business practices at participant centers. This article provides an overview of the Program. Participant centers were small, community-based organizations that served high-need populations and offered a sliding fee scale for(More)
This article provides insights into the history of community health centers (CHCs) and the role that they play in providing care to the poor. The mission of the CHC has always been to provide comprehensive primary care services to community residents regardless of their ability to pay. Health centers served an estimated 7 million people in 1993. In the near(More)
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