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Calcium Ions Regulate K+ Uptake into Brain Mitochondria: The Evidence for a Novel Potassium Channel
The mitochondrial response to changes of cytosolic calcium concentration has a strong impact on neuronal cell metabolism and viability. We observed that Ca2+ additions to isolated rat brainExpand
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A novel potassium channel in skeletal muscle mitochondria.
In this work we provide evidence for the potential presence of a potassium channel in skeletal muscle mitochondria. In isolated rat skeletal muscle mitochondria, Ca(2+) was able to depolarize theExpand
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Large-conductance K+ channel openers induce death of human glioma cells.
Large-conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels (BKCa channels) are highly expressed in human glioma cells. It has been reported that BK(Ca) channels are present in the inner mitochondrial membraneExpand
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