Marta Piantanida

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The karyotype of specimens identified as Calomys lepidus, trapped at 3600 m above sea level in the Puna region, northwestern Argentina, was studied. All specimens analysed showed a 2n = 44 (NFa = 68) asymmetrical karyotype with 13 pairs of metacentric/submetacentric autosomes and 7 pairs of telocentric chromosomes. The X was a medium-sized submetacentric(More)
BACKGROUND The roles played by different peach allergens with respect to symptom severity have not been completely ascertained. We have evaluated the diagnostic efficacy of peach recombinant allergens ImmunoCAP compared to peach in the identification of subjects at an increased risk for severe reactions to peaches. METHODS 148 peach-allergic patients were(More)
There is an increasing consumption of tomatoes worldwide: fresh in salads, cooked in household sauces, or industrially processed. Although many tomato allergens have been identified, there is no information in the literature on the allergenic components found in commercial tomato products. The primary aim of the study was to evaluate the allergenic profile(More)
Sensitisation to peach lipid transfer protein (LTP; Pru p 3) is significantly associated with severe allergic symptoms in adults, but little is known about the age at onset of peach allergy. We investigated a possible correlation between specific IgE levels to Pru p 3 and the age at onset of peach allergy. One hundred and forty-eight patients allergic to(More)
Green beans belong to the Fabaceae family, which includes widely consumed species, such as beans, peanuts, and soybeans. In the literature, few cases have described allergic reactions upon the exposure to green bean boiling steam or ingestion. Here, we describe five patients reporting documented adverse reactions upon the ingestion of cooked green beans,(More)
BACKGROUND A Metacognitive Training for Schizophrenia patients (MCT) was developed to target the cognitive biases that characterize the illness. Results suggest positive MCT effects encompassing several aspects of psychopathology and subjective well-being. There are still open questions concerning the effect on different cognitive biases and the interplay(More)
BACKGROUND Neurocognitive and social cognitive impairments represent important treatment targets in schizophrenia, as they are significant predictors of functional outcome. Different rehabilitative interventions have recently been developed, addressing both cognitive and psychosocial domains. Although promising, results are still heterogeneous and(More)
BACKGROUND The risk factors for sensitisation to rice and the involved allergens are still partially unknown. In this study we evaluated the clinically relevant aspects of rice allergy in DBPCF-positive patients, the major rice allergens, the severity of peach- and rice-induced symptoms in respect to Pru p 3 sensitisation and the role of anti-rPru p 3 IgE(More)
Fennel allergy has been rarely reported, and the association with peach allergy has never been described. Our aim was to (i) study the correlation between symptom severity of peach and fennel and (ii) identify fennel allergens and the role of rPru p 3 antibodies in severe reactions to fennel. In 148 patients with peach allergy, we investigated 58 patients(More)