Marta Peracaula

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Previous works on breast tissue identification and abnormalities detection notice that the feature extraction process is affected if the region processed is not well focused. Thereby, it is important to split the mammogram into interesting regions to achieve optimal breast parenchyma measurements, breast registration or to put into focus a technique when we(More)
The automatic segmentation of extended real structures (such as SNRs, HII regions, bow shocks, etc) in large surveys is a difficult task due to their morphological complexity and their wide variety in scale and surface brightness. With the aim of dealing with these issues we propose in this paper an automatic segmentation method based on applying wavelet(More)
In this paper we present a boosting based approach for automatic detection of micro-calcifications in mammographic images. Our proposal is based on using local features extracted from a bank of filters for obtaining a description of the different micro-calcifications morphology. The approach performs an initial training step in order to automatically learn(More)
—Several techniques have been proposed so far in order to perform faint compact source detection in wide field interferometric radio images. However, all these methods can easily miss some detections or obtain a high number of false positive detections due to the low intensity of the sources, the noise ratio, and the interferometric patterns present in the(More)
As an ongoing effort to develop a computer aided system for the detection of masses on mammograms, we propose on this work a new model-based seg-mentation algorithm. The algorithm is based on a template matching scheme by using the mutual information approach in the similarity metric. Thus, the system will be able to determine if it exists a true mass on(More)
Multivariate imaging technologies such as Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) have recently gained an important attention as it improves tumour detection. Modelling of contrast media uptake and washout kinetic parameters which are closely related to physiological and anatomical features helps to diagnose and detect a possible(More)
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