Marta Pérez

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Ontologies are being used nowadays in many areas, including bioinformatics. To assist users in developing and maintaining ontologies a number of tools have been developed. In this paper we compare four such tools, Protégé-2000, Chimaera, DAG-Edit and OilEd. As test ontologies we have used ontologies from the Gene Ontology Consortium. No system is preferred(More)
Clonal propagation of Quercus suber via somatic embryogenesis is an alternative to conventional tree propagation methods; however, complete maturation of somatic embryos is considered the major bottleneck for mass propagation of Quercus species. During somatic embryogenesis, embryo development and maturation are controlled by signaling pathways that(More)
AIM A close correlation exists between positron emission tomography (PET)-determined histamine H1 -receptor occupancy (H1 RO) and the incidence of sedation. Antihistamines with H1 RO <20% are classified as non-sedating. The objective was to compare the H1 RO of bilastine, a second generation antihistamine, with that of hydroxyzine. METHODS This(More)
Genista anglica represents a widely distributed group of shrubs in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as in the North of the Moroccan Mountains, the South of Italy and in most oceanic territories of Western Europe, with its northern limit in Sweden. Up to five different species within the group have been described in these territories: Genista ancistrocarpa, G.(More)
A new device for local delivery of antibiotics is presented, with potential use as a drug-eluting fixation pin for orthopedic applications. The implant consists of a stainless steel hollow tubular reservoir packed with the desired antibiotic. Release takes place through several orifices previously drilled in the reservoir wall, a process that does not(More)
Somatic embryogenesis in cork oak (Quercus suber L.) is an efficient tool that allows the production of large number of embryos from selected quality and productive trees. Temporary immersion systems (TIS) are an alternative to semi-solid or liquid culture that combine the advantages of liquid culture and avoid the associated problems. Parameters that(More)
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