Marta Pérez

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Identifying and quantifying the factors that contribute to the potential misclassification of the ecological status of water bodies is a major challenge of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The present study compiles extensive biomonitoring data from a range of macrophyte-based classification methods developed by several European countries. The data(More)
Ontologies are being used nowadays in many areas, including bioinformatics. To assist users in developing and maintaining ontologies a number of tools have been developed. In this paper we compare four such tools, Protégé-2000, Chimaera, DAG-Edit and OilEd. As test ontologies we have used ontologies from the Gene Ontology Consortium. No system is preferred(More)
A new device for local delivery of antibiotics is presented, with potential use as a drug-eluting fixation pin for orthopedic applications. The implant consists of a stainless steel hollow tubular reservoir packed with the desired antibiotic. Release takes place through several orifices previously drilled in the reservoir wall, a process that does not(More)
There are few reports on the pathogenesis of scrapie (Sc) and Visna/maedi virus (VMV) coinfections. The aim of this work was to study in vivo as well as post mortem both diseases in 91 sheep. Diagnosis of Sc and VMV infections allowed the distribution of animals into five groups according to the presence (+) or absence (-) of infection by Sc and VMV:(More)
At a Glance Across the U.S., an increasing number of school districts are switching from print textbooks to digital textbooks. This Literature Review summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of digital textbooks. Research on the impact of digital textbooks on students' reading habits, reading speed, reading engagement, content retention, and academic(More)
Genista anglica represents a widely distributed group of shrubs in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as in the North of the Moroccan Mountains, the South of Italy and in most oceanic territories of Western Europe, with its northern limit in Sweden. Up to five different species within the group have been described in these territories: Genista ancistrocarpa, G.(More)
Knowledge Visualization can be a valuable support for facilitating a number of cognitive and collaborative tasks in organizations. The aim of this paper is to provide concrete evidence of how visual templates provide useful support for teams, which lead to higher quality of idea generation and sharing, compared to unstructured meetings. Evidence is provided(More)
This study examined how the auditory features of video programming affected infants' visual attention to the screen. Sixty-two children (23 6-month-olds, 19 9-month-olds, and 20 24-month-olds) watched one five minute video in their homes. Their attention to the video was analyzed in relation to the auditory features of the videos. Two types of dependent(More)