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We have purified and investigated the role of adenosine ecto-deaminase (ecto-ADA) in porcine brain synaptic membranes and found a low activity of ecto-ADA in synaptic preparations from the cerebral cortex, hippocampus, striatum and medulla oblongata in the presence of purine transport inhibitors (NBTI, dipyridamole and papaverine). The purification(More)
The diversity and distribution of the tardigrades in South America are rather poor and selective, as is information about their feeding behaviour and diet. To date, only ca. 210 tardigrade taxa have been reported from the region of South America. In the present paper, we provide an update of the distribution of the genus Milnesium in South America and(More)
Species distribution models should identify ecological requirements of species and predict their spatial density. However, data from remote sensing sources are often used alone as predictors in modelling distributions. Such data will only produce accurate models if features that are distinguishable by remote sensing are a good match to the environmental(More)
Centaurea L. is a genus of the family Asteraceae that comprises over 600 taxa. Representatives of the Centaurea genus were used as natural medications for many diseases. Methanolic-aqueous extracts from aerial parts of two Centaurea species: C. borysthenica Gruner and C. daghestanica (Lipsky) Wagenitz were studied for their polyphenolic composition and(More)
Tardigrades in lichens have been poorly studied with few papers published on their ecology and diversity so far. The aims of our study are to determine the (1) influence of habitat heterogeneity on the densities and species diversity of tardigrade communities in lichens as well as the (2) effect of nutrient enrichment by seabirds on tardigrade densities in(More)
The embryonic cardiomyocyte cell line H9C2 is commonly used in numerous in vitro studies, including cardiotoxicity analyses of new drugs. So far no results were published for studies on cell parameters variability during the cell line ageing process. For this reason the aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of a number of H9C2 rat embryonic(More)
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