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The Rhizomer platform is a Content Management System (CMS) based on a Resource Oriented Approach (RESTful) and Semantic Web technologies. It achieves a great level of flexibility and provides sophisticated content management services. All content is described using semantic metadata semi-automatically extracted from multimedia content, which enriches the(More)
  • Alberto Abelll, Marta Oliva, M Elena Rodr Guez, F Elix Saltor
  • 1999
The BLOOM (BarceLona Object Oriented Model) data model was developed to be the Canonical Data Model (CDM) of a Federated Database Management System prototype. Its design satisses the features that a data model should have to be suitable as a CDM. The initial version of the model (BLOOM91) has evolved into the present version, BLOOM99. This report speciies(More)
Semantic Web applications take off is being slower than expected, at least with respect to " real-world " applications and users. One of the main reasons for this lack of adoption is that most Semantic Web user interfaces are still immature from the usability and accessibility points of view. This is due to the novelty of these technologies, but this also(More)
This paper is devoted to Data Warehousing architecture and its data schemas. We relate a federated databases architecture to Data Warehouse schemas, which allows us to provide better understanding to the characteristics of every schema, as well as the way they should be deened. Because of the conndentiality of data used to make decisions, and the federated(More)
As part of the general growth and diversification of media in different modalities, the presence of information in the form of human speech in the world-wide body of digital content is becoming increasingly significant, in terms of both volume and value. We present a semantic- based search model for human speech corpora, stressing the search for meanings(More)
This paper presents an approach for thigtly federated database systems with several federated schemas that consist of a schema architecture and a functional architecture. The reference schema architecture has been extended to deal with security aspects not well solved previously. The functional architecture includes the processors needed to build the(More)
Newspapers are evolving and this causes great changes in how newspapers reach their consumers, but also in how newspapers work internally. Advanced computerised support is needed in order to cope with the new needs, which require that machines are aware of a greater part of the underlying semantics. Ontologies and Semantic Web technologies are clear(More)
Quality Management has become a strategic issue for organisations and very valuable to produce quality software. However, Quality Management Systems (QMS) are not easy to implement and maintain. Our experience shows the benefits of developing a QMS by first formalising it using Semantic Web ontologies and then putting them into practice through a semantic(More)