Marta Oleszczuk

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lund, " Translational diffusion measured by PFG-NMR on full length and fragments of the Alzheimer Aβ(1-40) peptide. Determination of hydrodynamic radii of random coil peptides of varying length " , The Alzheimer β-peptide shows temperature-dependent transitions between left-handed 3 1-helix, β-strand and random coil secondary structures " , Structure and(More)
I consider the dilute monopole gas expansion of the three dimensional Yang-Mills-Higgs system in the symmetry broken phase. The functional determinants which occur in such an expansion are computed in the heat kernel approximation for an arbitrary SU (N) gauge group. Explicit expressions for the gauge boson mass in the unbroken gauge sector and the string(More)
Two variants of NMR-based conformational analyses of flexible peptides are compared using two examples meeting the formula Tyr-D-Daa-Phe-Daa-NH₂ (Daa=diamino acid): 1 combining D-Dab² (α,γ-diaminobutyryl) with Lys⁴, and 2 -D-Dap² (α,β-diaminopropionyl) with Orn⁴. The ω-amino groups of D-Daa² and Daa⁴ are coupled with C=O into the urea, restraining 1 and 2(More)
Six hybrid N-ureidoethylamides of octapeptides in which an N-terminal cyclic structure related to enkephalin was elongated by a C-terminal fragment of deltorphin were synthesized on MBHA resin. The synthetic procedure involved deprotection of Boc groups with HCl/dioxane and cleavage of the peptide resin with 45 % TFA in DCM. d-Lys and d-Orn were(More)
In recent years, a massive effort has been directed towards designing potent and selective antagonists of neurohypophyseal hormones substituted at position 3. Modification of vasopressin at position 3 with 4,4'-biphenylalanine results in pharmacologically inactive analogues. Chemically, this substitution appears to vary only slightly from those previously(More)
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