Marta Nespereira

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In the last years, mid-infrared radiation emitted by CO2 lasers has become increasing popular as a tool in the development of long-period fiber gratings. However, although the development and characterization of the resulting sensing devices have progressed quickly, further research is still necessary to consolidate functional models, especially regarding(More)
Both lasers and optical fibers technology appeared in the 1960s, being, from the start, close related. Even though the latter gained increased visibility in telecommunications, first ex‐ periments using optical fiber sensors are reported from early 1970s. From then on, research in optical fiber sensors has increased taking advantage of their potential when(More)
This paper presents the research made at the Laboratory of Optics, Lasers and Systems (LOLS) of the Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon, Portugal, in the field of fiber-based sensors. Three areas are considered: sensor encapsulation for natural aqueous environments, refractive index modulation and laser micropatterning. We present the main(More)
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