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In order to identify the spatial geographical distribution of the infected animals and measure the areas under risk of contracting bovine cysticercosis, spatial scan analysis was used to identify(More)
The development of human cell models that can efficiently restore hepatic functionality and cope with the reproducibility and scalability required for preclinical development poses a significant(More)
This study had as a goal to use geo-technologies in the identification of environmental factors associated with the space distribution of American visceral leishmaniasis in the municipality of Conde,(More)
A disseminacao da esquistossomose mansonica vem desafiando o sistema de saude brasileiro, deixando clara a necessidade da reavaliacao das estrategias do programa de controle da endemia. O objetivo(More)
Anchorage-dependent cell cultures are used for the production of viruses, viral vectors, and vaccines, as well as for various cell therapies and tissue engineering applications. Most of these(More)