Marta Majewska

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This paper presents a brief overview of the work on translation of Common Information Model (CIM) to Web Ontology Language (OWL) standard. The main motivation for the work is given, along with discussion of major issues faced during this work. The paper contains also comparison of existing approaches to conversion of CIM to OWL and presents the CIM2OWL tool(More)
Public organisations with a high rate of staff rotation lose their valuable asset – experience of employees. Mobile employees, who have to face duties at new positions, would find computer assistance helpful in efficient inception. The idea to support current work of employees on the basis of gathered experience in past activities is driving the Pellu-cid(More)
Viola tricolor L. (heartsease, wild pansy) is a valuable medicinal plant obtained for pharmaceutical purposes by cultivation. Given that the species is usually strongly colonized by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), we tested in a pot experiment whether these microorganisms were able to influence V. tricolor mass, vitality, and the concentrations of(More)
In this paper we present the use of ontology for knowledge representation and handling for Administration Processes. Motivation has come from Pellucid (Platform for Organizationally Mobile Public Employees) is European Project IST-2001-34519, where we need to capture and capitalize employee's knowledge in an organization. This knowledge is then presented to(More)
Multiple Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein (PAG) genes, coding various chorionic products that belong to the aspartic proteinase family (AP), have been discovered in various eutherians (Placentalia). This paper presents cloning of five novel porcine PAG (pPAG) cDNAs: pPAG3, pPAG4, pPAG5, pPAG6, pPAG8 and pPAG10. All cDNAs have been identified by(More)
The paper presents the effect of in vivo immuno-neutralization of porcine luteinizing hormone (pLH) by species-homologous porcine antiserum (anti-pLH) administrations on pregnancy maintenance and immunodetection of the PAG proteins in precipitated plasma proteins of pregnant gilts. Pregnant gilts were passively immunized with 100 ml of porcine anti-pLH(More)
In order to recognize interactions between alien vascular plants and soil microorganisms and thus better understand the mechanisms of plant invasions, we examined the mycorrhizal status, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) colonization rate, arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) morphology and presence of fungal root endophytes in 37 non-native species in Central(More)