Marta Leyton Román

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Recent decades have seen progress in the identification and quantification of a wide array of chemicals with endocrine-active properties. Exposure to these so-called endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) has been implicated in an increase in certain adverse health effects, and some new prospective birth cohort studies have yielded suggestive results on(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare accuracy measures for mammographic screening in Norway, Spain, and the US. METHODS Information from women aged 50-69 years who underwent mammographic screening 1996-2009 in the US (898,418 women), Norway (527,464), and Spain (517,317) was included. Screen-detected cancer, interval cancer, and the false-positive rates, sensitivity,(More)
Women with false-positive results are commonly referred back to routine screening. Questions remain regarding their long-term outcome of breast cancer. We assessed the risk of screen-detected breast cancer in women with false-positive results. We conducted a joint analysis using individual level data from the population-based screening programs in(More)
Currently, direct empirical evidence exists about the amount of mechanical load that climbers apply to each finger during several hand grips specific to sport climbing, but not yet in a specific hanging position. The objectives of this study are a) to draw and build a solid and rigid support that simulates the real action of a hand grip in a hanging(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer incidence has decreased in the last decade, while the incidence of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) has increased substantially in the western world. The phenomenon has been attributed to the widespread adaption of screening mammography. The aim of the study was to evaluate the temporal trends in the rates of screen detected invasive(More)
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