Marta Kryven

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People have a common-sense notion of intelligence and use it to evaluate decisions and decision-makers. One can attribute intelligence by evaluating the strategy or the outcome of a goal-directed agent. We propose a model of intelligence attribution, based on inverse planning in Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs) in a probabilistic(More)
What makes images of water look like water? We conducted four psychophysical experiments to isolate perceptual qualities that make water easy to recognize. Water recognition is facilitated by colour and by three patterns of waves. Low spatial frequencies (LSF) (<4.4 cpd) contribute more to recognition than high spatial frequencies (HSF). Here we describe(More)
Graphic patterns in knitting are composed of relatively large pixels and create a picture when seen from a distance, while on close viewing the image falls apart into its constituent stitches. Such patterns are constrained in use of colors due to the nature of the medium and in spacing between pixels as a durability concern and are a challenge to create.(More)
Searching natural environments, as for example, when foraging or looking for a landmark in a city, combine reasoning under uncertainty, planning and visual search. Existing paradigms for studying search in humans focus on its isolated aspects, such as step-by-step information sampling or visual search, without examining advance planning. We propose and(More)
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