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Different times and temperatures of the 1st phase incubation of the complement fixation test (CFT) were used. It was found that a similar decrease in complement (C') activity occurred after 2 h at 37 degrees C, after 8 h at 20 degrees C and after 18 h at 4 degrees C. Simultaneously, in the same periods a double increase in standard serum titre at 4 and 20(More)
The mechanism of lithium's therapeutic action remains obscure, hindering the discovery of safer treatments for bipolar disorder. Lithium can act as an inhibitor of the kinase GSK3α/β, which in turn negatively regulates β-catenin, a co-activator of LEF1/TCF transcription factors. However, unclear is whether therapeutic levels of lithium activate β-catenin in(More)
A differentiated time and temperature of incubation were used in the first CFT phase. It was found that the activity of complement fixation (C') decreased in the reaction medium. This was observed in the control system in which at 1 C'H50 hemolysis inhibition increase from 50 to 90% was found after 2 hr at 37 degrees C, after 8 hr at 20 degrees C and after(More)