Marta Karina Leite

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Amanitins, highly toxic cyclopeptides isolated from various Amanita species, are the most potent poisons accounting for the hazardous effects on intestinal epithelium cells and hepatocytes, and probably the sole cause of fatal human poisoning. The present study was focused on the development, optimization and application of an analytical methodology by(More)
Endolysins, which are peptidoglycan-degrading enzymes expressed during the terminal stage of the reproduction cycle of bacteriophages, have great potential to control Gram-positive pathogens. This work describes the characterization of a novel endolysin (PlyPl23) encoded on the genome of Paenibacillus larvae phage phiIBB_Pl23 with high potential to control(More)
The Data Availability statement for this paper is incorrect. The correct statement is: All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files, except the aminoacidic sequence of the endolysin, which is available in RefSeq, accession number YP_008320357.1. Copyright: © 2015 Oliveira et al. This is an open access article distributed under(More)
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