Marta Grispo

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Introduced species offer unique opportunities to study evolution in new environments, and some provide opportunities for understanding the mechanisms underlying macroecological patterns. We sought to determine how introduction history impacted genetic diversity and differentiation of the house sparrow (Passer domesticus), one of the most broadly distributed(More)
UV radiations are principal causes of skin cancer and aging. Suntan creams were developed to protect epidermis and derma layers against photodegradation and photooxidation. The addition of antioxidant plant extracts (i.e. essential oil) to sunscreens is habitually performed, to increase their UV protective effects and to contrast pro-radical and cytotoxic(More)
Interstitial deletions of the long arm of chromosome 12 are rare and only few cases have been reported in literature so far, with different phenotypic features related to size and gene content of deleted regions. Five patients reported a 12q15-q21 deletion, sharing a 1.3 Mb small region of overlap (SRO) and presenting with developmental delay, nasal speech(More)
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