Marta Giergiel

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Antioxidative/oxidative balance is one of the important factors for homeostasis. Antioxidative systems which protect from peroxidative damage are supposed to be under the influence of steroid hormones. The implications of this influence are age and gender as well as tissue dependent alterations in antioxidative enzyme activities. Apart from hormonal(More)
Antioxidative/oxidative balance is crucial for proper functioning of cells and tissues. It is suggested that this balance can be partly controlled by sex steroid hormones and in consequence can exhibit age- and sex-related dependency. The aim of present study was to describe sex- and age-related changes in the activity of glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px)(More)
Background: The unavoidable consequence of ageing process is oxidative stress which is harmful to cells. Muscles as a post-mitotic cells are especially susceptible for it. They are protected by antioxidants. One of the main antioxidant enzymes is catalase (CAT). Although muscles were extensively examined for antioxidant defense, there is a lack of(More)
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