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Biogeosciences Discussions This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Biogeosciences (BG). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in BG if available. Abstract This study investigates the performances in a terrestrial ecosystem of gross primary production (GPP) estimation of a suite of spectral vegetation indexes (VIs) that can be(More)
Keywords: Gross primary production Vegetation index PRI Grassland Extreme events Potential photosynthetically active radiation a b s t r a c t Different models driven by remotely sensed vegetation indexes (VIs) and incident photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) were developed to estimate gross primary production (GPP) in a subalpine grassland equipped(More)
It is well established that warming leads to longer growing seasons in seasonally cold ecosystems. Whether this goes along with an increase in the net ecosystem carbon dioxide (CO2) uptake is much more controversial. We studied the effects of warming on the start of the carbon uptake period (CUP) of three mountain grasslands situated along an elevational(More)
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