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Let X and Y be Hilbert C *-modules over a C *-algebra, and ϕ : X × Y → [0, ∞) be a function. A (not necessarily linear) mapping f : X → Y is called a ϕ-perturbation of an adjointable mapping if there exists a (not necessarily linear) corresponding mapping g : Y → X such that f (x), y − x, g(y) ≤ ϕ(x, y) x ∈ D(f) ⊆ X , y ∈ D(g) ⊆ Y. We prove that any(More)
In this chapter we have attempted to describe one emergency service as it has evolved. It is generally recognized as a very good service, and yet, as the vignettes demonstrate, there are continuing administrative problems. It is our belief that these difficulties and dilemmas are representative of those faced by administrators of emergency psychiatric(More)
Scientists like constants (a personal favorite is Avogadro's number). It is no wonder, because not only does defining a constant represent a major scientific breakthrough, but as human beings we like things we can rely on, things that stay the same and that bring us consistency, stability, and a way to understand ourselves and the world around us. On the(More)