Marta Fernandez Suarez

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INTRODUCTION One of the most common genetic aberrations associated with breast cancer is the amplification and overexpression of the ERBB2 proto-oncogene located at chromosome 17, bands q12-21. The amplification/overexpression occurs in 25 to 30% of all breast cancers. In breast cancer, aneusomy of chromosome 17, either monosomy or polysomy, is frequently(More)
The clinical effects of targeting Her-2/neu in prostate carcinoma are not known. This study explores the feasibility of molecular profiling to determine the correlation between Her-2/neu expression and hormonal sensitivity. Patients with progressive androgen-independent prostate carcinoma were eligible to participate in the study. Her-2/neu expression was(More)
  • Aron Zingman, Aron O. Zingman, +6 authors Ina Heafitz
  • 2007
Acknowledgements The author is grateful for all the help and support he has received during the development of this thesis project. First he would like to acknowledge the work of his fellow members of the D-Lab Honduras Team. Without the team of his fellow students, our wind-powered water pump would not have gotten off the ground. The same holds true for(More)
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