Marta Fernandez Suarez

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Metformin displays antileukemic effects partly due to activation of AMPK and subsequent inhibition of mTOR signaling. Nevertheless, Metformin also inhibits mitochondrial electron transport at complex I in an AMPK-independent manner, Here we report that Metformin and rotenone inhibit mitochondrial electron transport and increase triglyceride levels in(More)
Acknowledgements The author is grateful for all the help and support he has received during the development of this thesis project. First he would like to acknowledge the work of his fellow members of the D-Lab Honduras Team. Without the team of his fellow students, our wind-powered water pump would not have gotten off the ground. The same holds true for(More)
Al2O3/graphene and BaTiO3/graphene composites with different concentrations of the conductive second phase, both below and above the percolation threshold, were prepared by the traditional ceramic processing route followed by spark plasma sintering. It is shown that the addition of graphene pins the grain growth of the ceramic matrix grains, leading to a(More)
Here we report that leukemia cell lines and primary CD34+ leukemic blasts exposed to platelet rich plasma (PRP) or platelet lysates (PL) display increased resistance to apoptosis induced by mitochondria-targeted agents ABT-737 and CDDO-Me. Intriguingly, leukemia cells exposed to platelet components demonstrate a reduction in mitochondrial membrane potential(More)
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