Marta F. L. Figueiredo

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The (Pro)renin receptor (P)RR/Atp6ap2 is a cell surface protein capable of binding and non-proteolytically activate prorenin. Additionally, (P)RR is associated with H(+)-ATPases and alternative functions in H(+)-ATPase regulation as well as in Wnt signalling have been reported. Kidneys express very high levels of H(+)-ATPases which are involved in multiple(More)
Agrin, a multidomain proteoglycan and neurotrypsin, a neuronal serine protease, are important for forming (neuromuscular) synapses. Proteolytical activity of neurotrypsin produces a C-terminal fragment of agrin, termed CAF, of approximately 22 kDA molecular size which also circulates in blood. The presence of CAF in urine suggests either glomerular(More)
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