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The shallow-water chitons (Mollusca, Polyplacophora) of Caldera, Region of Atacama, northern Chile
The Molluscan species of the northern littoral of Chile have been sparsely studied. This work reviews for the first time the diversity of polyplacophoran molluscs around the port of Caldera, in theExpand
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First record of Lillipathes ritamariae Opresko and Breedy, 2010 (Cnidaria: Antipatharia) from the southeastern Pacific Ocean
The first record of Lillipathes ritamariae Opresko and Breedy, 2010 from the southeastern Pacific is presented based on a collected specimen that became entangled in a demersal longline at aboutExpand
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On the distribution of Physalia physalis (Hydrozoa: Physaliidae) in Chile
New distribution records of the pleustonic siphonophore Physalia physalis Linnæus, 1758, are presented based on the record of several colonies washed ashore during January to June 2015 around theExpand
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The southernmost record of the amphipod Hyperia curticephala (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Hyperiidae) in the Pacific Ocean
New records of the hyperiid amphipod Hyperia curticephala M. Vinogradov & Semenova, 1985 are presented based on the record of 43 specimens collected from several specimens of the pelagiid jellyfishExpand
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On the presence of Distichoptilum gracile Verrill, 1882 (Octocorallia: Pennatulacea), in the southeastern Pacific
The two-lined sea pen Distichoptilum gracile Verrill, 1882, the type and only species that is considered valid in the genus Distichoptilum Verrill, 1882, is a rather large deep-water pennatulaceanExpand
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On the presence of Chaetopleura hennahi (Gray, 1828) (Polyplacophora: Chaetopleuridae) in Chile
* Correspondence: jfaraya@u.uchile.cl Most of the chiton species from northern Chile were described in the 19th century, chiefly in some classical works reviewing the entire region of theExpand