Marta E Losonczy-Marshall

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Age differences in the intensity of emotional expression of infants ages 7 to 8 months were compared to those ages 9 through 13 months. All 82 participants (33 boys, 49 girls) were prescreened for normal development. Participants were each presented with a randomized order of 12 stimuli (peek-a-boo, still face, stranger approaches, toy bug, toy taken,(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore reasons for students' seat selection. Participants were 346 college students (14% freshmen, 47% sophomores, 24% juniors, and 14% seniors) from 12 classes (six sections of two courses). A 20-item questionnaire was used to ask students why they chose their seats in class. An exploratory factor analysis reduced the(More)
Data from 70 classes and 1829 students over a period of 15 years were analyzed. Grade and attendance differences were analyzed for five different seating configurations: by row, by column, the front of the room versus the back of the room, the center of the room versus the perimeter of the room, and the middle of the room versus the sides of the room.(More)
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