Marta Domorádová

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Preconditioning by a conjugate projector is combined with the recently proposed MPRGP algorithm for the solution of bound constrained quadratic programming problems. If applied to the partially bound constrained problems, such as those arising from the application of FETI based domain decomposition methods to the discretized elliptic boundary variational(More)
The paper resolves the problem concerning the rate of convergence of the working set based MPRGP (modified proportioning with reduced gradient projection) algorithm with a long steplength of the reduced projected gradient step. The main results of this paper are the formula for the R-linear rate of convergence of MPRGP in terms of the spectral condition(More)
The active set based MPRGP (modified proportioning with reduced gradient projection) [1] for the solution of partially bound constrained quadratic programming problems turned out to be an important ingredient in development of scalable algorithms for the solution of variational inequalities by FETI [3] and BETI [4] domain decomposition methods. The(More)
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