Marta Darriba Estévez

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Primary cultures of heart myocytes from neonatal rats were used as an in vitro cardiac cell system to study the effects of the p-170kDa glycoprotein (Pgp) blockers PSC 833 [(3'-keto-Bmt1)-(Val2)-cyclosporine], verapamil and amiodarone on adriamycin cardiotoxicity. Immunostaining revealed the presence of Pgp in the cardiomyocytes. Adriamycin induced a(More)
The antineoplastic drug mitoxantrone (MTX) elicits a fast nocytotoxic and nonimmunological histamine release from peritoneal and pleural rat mast cells. The non specific phosphodiesterase inhibitor isobuthylmethylxantine (1 mM) decreases the potency of MTX. Theophylline (10 mM) decreases both the potency and the efficacy of MTX-induced histamine secretion.(More)
Human growth releasing factor (GRF) (1–29)NH2 releases histamine from pleural and peritoneal rat mast cells by a non cytotoxic and non immunological mechanism. Pretreatment of cells with pertussis toxin markedly inhibits the secretion, suggesting a possible function of a Gi-protein in the activation pathway. In order to determine the role of cAMP on GRF(More)
Objective and Design: We explore the mechanism of the antineoplastic drug vinorelbine activation in its rat mast cell exocytosis.¶Materials: The study was carried out on mast cells obtained from Sprague-Dawley rats.¶Treatment: Vinorelbine (5–100<mu>g/mL), cholera toxin (200 ng/mL), pertussis toxin (100 ng/mL), benzalkonium chloride (10 <mu>g/mL), compound(More)
Adriamycin (ADR) induces nonimmunological and noncytotoxic histamine release from peritoneal and pleural rat mast cells. This secretion is unaffected by the pretreatment with pertussis toxin, cholera toxin and benzalkonium chloride. Histamine release induced by compound 48/80, was markedly inhibited by pertussis toxin, cholera toxin, benzalkonium chloride(More)
The Galician coastal waters are highly productive with an abundant fishing that plays an important role in the economy of the region. The phytoplankton is the basis of the trofic chain in the oceans and its abundance is a good index to estimate the productivity. The phytoplankton concentration can be estimated by using remote sensing tools through the(More)
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