Marta Díaz Boladeras

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The acquisition and use of information are key factors in successful executive performance. Although there are various and different media that executives use to obtain information, in the last decade the academic research has emphasised computer-based systems. Inside this group of systems, we can find the Executive Information Systems (EIS), which are(More)
Engagement in activities is crucial to improve quality of life in dementia. Yet, its measurement relies exclusively on behavior observation and the influence that behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) have on it is overlooked. This study investigated whether quantity of movement, gauged with a wrist-worn accelerometer, could be a sound(More)
The study of engagement is central to improve the quality of care and provide people with dementia with meaningful activities. Current assessment techniques of engagement for people with dementia rely exclusively on behavior observation. However, novel unobtrusive sensing technologies, capable of tracking psychological states during activities, can provide(More)
Motivational and emotional disorders (i.e. apathy and depression) are very frequent in dementia and might greatly affect the positive psychological state experienced during social HRI. We conducted a six-weeks study in two nursing homes comparing the affective states that two playful activities, board cognitive games and social robot play (Pleo), were able(More)
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