Marta Cristina Oliveira

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The present study characterizes the spatial distribution of seaweed diversity on eight islands from the South Shetlands based on an updated taxonomic survey, discussing the higher number of species compared with previous studies and the possible relationships with environmental parameters. Seaweeds were sampled in Deception, Livingston, Halfmoon, Robert,(More)
An inverse analysis methodology for determining the parameters of the kinematic law of sheet metals is proposed. The sensitivity of the load versus displacement curves, obtained by reverse shear tests of rectangular and notched specimens, to the kinematic law parameters are studied following a forward analysis, based on finite element simulations.(More)
The present study describes the use of electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry, in combination with collision-induced dissociation (CID) and tandem mass spectrometry, for the structural characterisation of anthocyanidins and their O-glycosides. The high-energy CID spectra of [M-Cl](+) ions of the free aglycones show characteristic fragmentation pathways,(More)
Over the last years, the numerical simulation of integrated processes has become the major challenge in virtual try-out of sheet metal components, including trimming operations that may occur between forming steps. Detailed simulation of trimming processes is a challenging task, particularly when integrated with other forming operations such as deep drawing(More)
The numerical simulation of problems involving contact with friction between de-formable and rigid bodies is highly dependent of the predicted contact conditions, which are continuously changing during the process. In the case of sheet metal forming processes, the forming tools are assumed to behave rigidly, and thus only the definition of the outer(More)
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