Marta Ciszewicz

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BACKGROUND Senescent endothelial cells acquire functional properties that make the vascular wall more prone to atherosclerotic changes. We tested whether senescence of the endothelial cells maintained in in vitro culture can be moderated by their simultaneous exposure to sulodexide. MATERIAL/METHODS Replicative aging of the endothelial cells was studied(More)
Sulodexide is a mixture of heparin and dermatan sulfate with antithrombotic and profibrynolytic activity. Individual reports suggest the anti-inflammatory action of sulodexin. The goal of this study was to evaluate the effect of sulodexide on the release of the inflammatory mediators from endothelium in normal conditions and in cells chronically exposed to(More)
BACKGROUND Preservation of the mesothelial cells (MCs) is crucial for longevity of the peritoneal dialysis membrane. Glucose accelerates aging of MC and we tested whether N-acetylglucosamine (NAG) has an identical effect. METHODS Replicative aging of MCs was studied during 10 passages performed every three days in cells cultured in standard medium or in(More)
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