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Homogeneous populations of single myocytes showing good preservation of ultrastructure were obtained by enzymatic digestion of rabbit and rat hearts, and maintained in a relaxed state in the presence of free Ca2+ concentrations less than 10(-7) M. Ultrastructural details such as a cytoskeleton of 100-A filaments connected to the sarcolemma at the Z lines(More)
The new neuropeptide Y (NPY) Y5 receptor antagonist CGP 71683A displayed high affinity for the cloned rat NPY Y5 subtype, but > 1, 000-fold lower affinity for the cloned rat NPY Y1, Y2, and Y4 subtypes. In LMTK cells transfected with the human NPY Y5 receptor, CGP 71683A was without intrinsic activity and antagonized NPY-induced Ca2+ transients. CGP 71683A(More)
Keywords: Forest inventory Locally weighted regression CORINE land cover GLAS MODIS a b s t r a c t The acquisition of information about growing stock is a fundamental step in the framework of forest management planning and scenario modeling, besides being essential for assessing the amount of carbon stored within forest ecosystems. Gallaun et al. (2010)(More)
In arid and semi-arid environments, the characterization of the inter-annual variations of the light use efficiency ε due to water stress still relies mostly on meteorological data. Thus the GPP estimation based on procedures exclusively driven by remote sensing data has not found yet a widespread use. In this work, the potential to characterize the water(More)
Our research group has recently proposed a strategy to simulate net forest carbon fluxes based on the coupling of a NDVI-driven parametric model, Modified C-Fix, and of a biogeochemical model, BIOME-BGC. The outputs of the two models are combined through the use of a proxy of ecosystem distance from equilibrium condition which accounts for the occurred(More)
A ten-year data-set descriptive of Italian forest gross primary production (GPP) has been recently constructed by the application of Modified C-Fix, a parametric model driven by remote sensing and ancillary data. That data-set is currently being used to develop multivariate regression models which link the inter-year GPP variations of five forest types(More)
A daily 1-km Pan-European weather dataset can drive the BIOME-BGC model for the estimation of current and future beech gross primary production (GPP). Annual beech GPP is affected primarily by spring temperature and more irregularly by summer water stress. The spread of beech forests in Europe enhances the importance of modelling and monitoring their growth(More)