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Homogeneous populations of single myocytes showing good preservation of ultrastructure were obtained by enzymatic digestion of rabbit and rat hearts, and maintained in a relaxed state in the presence of free Ca2+ concentrations less than 10(-7) M. Ultrastructural details such as a cytoskeleton of 100-A filaments connected to the sarcolemma at the Z lines(More)
The passive permeability of skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles to Ca2+ ions is drastically increased upon addition of the oxidizing agent cupric phenanthroline. The permeability change, which occurs very rapidly, is partially reversed by reducing agents and cannot be explained by a direct effect of cupric phenanthroline on the lipid moiety of(More)
1. The relevance of a functional sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) membrane system to the contraction-relaxation cycle and to the force-frequency relationship of guinea-pig atrial tissue was investigated. Cyclopiazonic acid (CPA) was used to inhibit selectively the activity of the SR Ca(2+)-ATPase. IC50 values of 0.2 microM or 1.0 microM were measured in(More)
This paper builds on previous work by our research group which demonstrated the applicability of a parametric model, Modified C-Fix, for the monitoring of Mediterranean forests. Specifically, the model is capable of combining ground and remote sensing data to estimate forest gross primary production (GPP) on various spatial and temporal scales. Modified(More)