Marta Chełmińska

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PURPOSE YKL-40 is a chitinase-like protein found to correlate with asthma as well as numerous infectious and autoimmune diseases or cancer. The aim of the present study was to investigate the role of YKL-40 as a possible marker of asthma and its associations with factors differentiating phenotypes of asthma. METHODS The study group comprised 167 patients,(More)
INTRODUCTION Differentiating between cross-reactivity and double sensitization is still a challenging issue in allergology. AIM To differentiate cross-reactions accompanying latex allergy with the use of the ISAC test. MATERIAL AND METHODS Thirty-nine patients reporting immediate allergic reactions to latex were enrolled into the study (group A). The(More)
Because of varying origin different therapy of tinnitus methods are applied (surgical, pharmacological, psychotherapy). Treatment of objective tinnitus of vascular origin is usually surgical. It is similar as in the case of tinnitus of mechanical origin. The procedure of operating. Treatment of subjective tinnitus is much more complicated because of(More)
Tinnitus is a sound impression in one or both ears appearing without any acoustic impulses from the environment. It can be a morbid symptom coming either from different parts of the auditory path (from the external auditory meatus to the auditory area in the cerebral cortex) or other organs. Usually ear noise is accompanied by hypacusis. According to(More)
Mastocytosis is an uncommon disease classified as a myeloproliferative neoplasm, however, its symptoms are broad and place patients at crossroads between dermatology, hematology and allergology. Patients with mastocytosis often suffer from symptoms resulting from the activation and release of mediators from the mast cells, such as generalized itching,(More)
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