Marta Caro

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BACKGROUND Parkinson's disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized pathologically by the presence in the brain of intracellular protein inclusions highly enriched in aggregated alpha-synuclein (α-Syn). Although it has been established that progression of the disease is accompanied by sustained activation of microglia, the(More)
Although necessary to eliminate pathogens, inflammation can lead to serious deleterious effects in the host if left unchecked. During the inflammatory response, further damage may arise from potential autoimmune responses occurring when the immune cells and molecules that respond to pathogen-derived antigens also react to self-antigens. In this sense, the(More)
Adrenomedullin is a neuropeptide known for its cardiovascular activities and anti-inflammatory effects. Here, we investigated the effect of adrenomedullin in a model of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) that mirrors chronic progressive multiple sclerosis. A short-term systemic treatment with adrenomedullin reduced clinical severity and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the role of the antiinflammatory neuropeptide cortistatin in chronic pain evoked by joint inflammation. METHODS Thermal and mechanical hyperalgesia was evoked in mouse knee joints by intraplantar injection of tumor necrosis factor α and intraarticular infusion of Freund's complete adjuvant, and the analgesic effects of(More)
We currently face an alarming resurgence in infectious diseases characterized by antimicrobial resistance and therapeutic failure. This has generated the urgent need of developing new therapeutic approaches that include agents with nontraditional modes of action. A recent interest focused on approaches based on our natural immune defenses, especially on(More)
Human brain preparations obtained from either the putamen, thalamus, hippocampus or lateral occipital gyrus p-hydroxylate phenylethylamine to tyramine, a reaction carried out by a microsomal (100,000 xg pellet) membrane bound, NADPH-requiring enzyme. This is a minor metabolic pathway occurring in chronic psychiatric patients, as well as in age-comparable(More)
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