Marta Botër

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SGT1 (for suppressor of G2 allele of skp1) and RAR1 (for required for Mla12 resistance) are highly conserved eukaryotic proteins that interact with the molecular chaperone HSP90 (for heat shock protein90). In plants, SGT1, RAR1, and HSP90 are essential for disease resistance triggered by a number of resistance (R) proteins. Here, we present structural and(More)
Sgt1 is an adaptor protein implicated in a variety of processes, including formation of the kinetochore complex in yeast, and regulation of innate immunity systems in plants and animals. Sgt1 has been found to associate with SCF E3 ubiquitin ligases, the CBF3 kinetochore complex, plant R proteins and related animal Nod-like receptors, and with the Hsp90(More)
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