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Among its pleiotropic actions, ghrelin modulates insulin secretion and glucose metabolism. Herein we investigated the role of ghrelin in pancreatic ␤-cell proliferation and apoptosis induced by serum starvation or interferon (IFN)-␥/TNF-␣, whose synergism is a major cause for ␤-cell destruction in type I diabetes. HIT-T15 ␤-cells expressed ghrelin but not(More)
BACKGROUND Endometriosis is characterized by ectopic implantation of endometrial cells, which show increased proliferation and migration. Somatostatin (SST) and its analogues inhibit normal and cancer cell growth and motility through the SST receptors, sst1-5. Cortistatin (CST), which displays high structural and functional homology with SST, binds all(More)
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