Marta Ameri

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HIV treatment is based on combined antiretroviral therapy (cART) which has substantially improved survival, thus resulting in an increase in patient life expectancy as well as in the cost of HIV-related medical care. Therefore, several cost effectiveness studies were implemented worldwide, with one specifically in the Liguria region (Italy), to compare the(More)
This study investigates the characteristics of frequent users of accident and emergency departments (AEDs) and recommends alternative medical services for such patients. Prominent demographic and clinical risk factors for individuals accessing seven AEDs located in the metropolitan area of Genoa, Italy are identified and analysed. A truncated count data(More)
BACKGROUND In the last 20 years routine T CD4+ lymphocyte (CD4+) cell count has proved to be a key factor to determine the stage of HIV infection and start or discontinue of prophylaxis for opportunistic infections. However, several studies recently showed that in stable patients on cART a quarterly CD4+ cell count monitoring results in limited (or null)(More)
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