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Experimental study of the aerophone of Isturitz: Manufacture, use-wear analysis and acoustic tests
Two experimental replicas were reproduced from the ulna of a griffon vulture each with a different way of elaborating their holes (boring and scraping) to evaluate the musical performance of the most complete Gravettian aerophone recovered at the site of Isturitz. Expand
Fuel and acorns: Early Neolithic plant use from Cueva de Chaves (NE Spain)
Abstract Cueva de Chaves is a particularly important archaeological site for the Early Neolithic of the northeast Iberian Peninsula. This study focuses on the archaeobotanical analysis of woodExpand
Landscape and firewood at Espantalobos Mesolithic site (Huesca, Spain). First results
Abstract Wood charcoal analysis carried out at Espantalobos (Quicena, Huesca) provides key data on the research of past vegetation and woodland exploitation by late Mesolithic groups in the middleExpand
Landscape, resources and people during the Mesolithic and Neolithic times in NE Iberia: The Arba de Biel Basin
Abstract The Upper Arba de Biel constitutes a small valley in north-eastern Spain where a detailed study of five archaeological sites (Pena-14, Legunova/Rambla, Valcervera and Paco-Pons) has beenExpand
New data concerning Neanderthal occupation in the Iberian system: First results from the late Pleistocene (MIS 3) Aguilón P5 cave site (NE Iberia)
Abstract This work presents the first results from the Aguilon P5 (Zaragoza) cave site on the northern slope of the Iberian System (NE Iberia). The fieldwork carried out since 2010 on severalExpand
Ephemeral Archaeology South of the Central Pyrenees (Huesca, NE Iberia): The Exceptional Preservation of Woody Objects in Moro de Alins Cave-site
ABSTRACTDesiccated objects made out of wood and plant fibres are exceptional archaeological finds in Europe, due to prevailing climatic conditions. The use of wood and plant fibres as raw materials...
Call it home: Mesolithic dwellings in the Ebro Basin (NE Spain)
Abstract This paper summarises our knowledge of Mesolithic space management — which concerns the choice of the living place itself and the recognisable dwelling structures — in the Middle Ebro Basin,Expand
Outside the cities. A late antique funerary finding from Spanish Pyrenees
Abstract We present a very intriguing set of finds coming from Tragaluz Norte, one of the most inaccessible rock shelters in the Vero canyon, which runs north to south through the Sierra de Guara, inExpand
Holocene history of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) woodlands in the Ebro Basin (NE Spain): Climate-biased or human-induced?
Abstract This paper reviews the past distribution of Aleppo pine woodlands in the Ebro Basin, Northeastern Iberia, from the Mesolithic to Modern times based on wood charcoal data. The aim is toExpand