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The Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) has become the dominant means for expressing traditional business processes as workflows. The widespread deployment of mobile devices like PDAs and mobile phones has created a vast computational and communication resource for these workflows to exploit. However, BPEL so far has been deployed only on relatively(More)
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) [3] is a protocol widely used in commercial operator networks to forward packets by matching link-specific labels in the packet header to outgoing links rather than through standard IP longest prefix matching. However, in existing networks, MPLS is implemented by full IP routers, since the MPLS control plane protocols(More)
Over the last decade, programmable Network Processors (NPs) have become widely used in Internet routers and other network components. NPs enable rapid development of complex packet processing functions as well as rapid response to changing requirements. In the network research community, the use of NPs has been limited by the challenges associated with(More)
Workflows have been used successfully to model collabora-tive activities that have a well-defined structure. Workflow management systems today can execute workflows that range from a simple sequence of tasks to complex business processes, but have a common restriction in that they can only function in settings where the network is stable. This paper(More)
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