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  • Edmundo Murrugarra, Martín Valdivia, Paul Schultz, John Strauss, Bill Savedoff
  • 1999
This report shows evidence about determinants of health status for urban adults and their effects on productivity. Accurate estimation of the effect of health on wages is always difficult to obtain due to endogeneity and measurement error of the health indicators that are available in household surveys for developing countries. The health measure used here(More)
  • José María, Gómez Hidalgo, Manuel De Buenaga Rodríguez, Luis Alfonso, Ureña López, María Teresa +5 others
  • 2002
Automatic Text Categorization (ATC) is an important task in the field of Information Access. The prevailing approach to ATC is making use of a a collection of prelabeled texts for the induction of a document classifier through learning methods. With the increasing availability of lexical resources in electronic form (including Lexical Databases (LDBs),(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine trends in stunting and overweight in Peruvian children, using 2006 WHO Multicentre Growth Reference Study criteria. DESIGN Trend analyses using nationally representative cross-sectional surveys from Demographic and Health Surveys (1991-2011). We performed logistic regression analyses of stunting and overweight trends in(More)
Household and individual decision-making over the life cycle : a first look at evidence from Peruvian cohorts / by Jaime Saavedra, Martín Valdivia. p. cm. (Research Network working papers ; R-425) Includes bibliographical references. The views and interpretations in this document are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the Inter-American(More)
  • Miguel Ángel, García Cumbreras, Julio Villena Román, Eugenio Martínez-Cámara, M Carlos, Díaz Galiano +29 others
  • 2016
Preamble Currently Spanish is the second native language in the world by number of speakers after the Mandarin Chinese. This second position means that the 6.7% of the world population is Spanish-speaking. The presence of the Spanish language in the world has not a direct correspondence with the number of research works related to the treatment of Spanish(More)
  • M Dolores, Molina González, Eugenio Martínez-Cámara, M Teresa, Martín Valdivia, Salud M Jiménez +37 others
  • 2015
Preamble The Natural Language Processing journal aims to be a forum for the publication of quality unpublished scientific and technical papers on Natural Language Processing (NLP) for both the national and international scientific community and companies. Furthermore, we want to strengthen the development of different areas related to NLP, widening the(More)
We explore the permanent effects that recessions have on health-related outcomes of mothers and children in Peru. To account for possible self-selection into giving birth during harsh economic conditions, we compare the infant mortality rates of siblings born in different phases of the economic cycle. Our results suggest that a 1 percent decline in GDP per(More)
  • Proyecto Robint, J M Lucas, R Alcázar, J M Montero, F Fernández, R Barra-Chicote +26 others
  • 2008
El modelado de OLIF utilizando las especificaciones de EAGLES/ISLE: un enfoque interlingüístico Resumen: FunGramKB es una base de conocimiento léxico-conceptual para su implementación en sistemas del PLN. El modelo léxico de FunGramKB se construyó a partir del modelo de OLIF, aunque fue preciso incorporar algunas de las recomendaciones de EAGLES/ISLE con el(More)
  • Ministerio De Educación, Y Ciencia T I M, Teresa Mª, Valdivia L Martín, Ureña Alfonso, Fernando Martínez López +45 others
  • 2007
The Multilingual Central Repository (MCR) is based on the design of the EuroWordNet database. The MCR holds WordNets in various languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Catalan and Basque), which are interconnected via an Inter-Lingual-Index (ILI). In addition, the MCR holds a number of ontologies and domain labels related to all concepts. This paper describes(More)