Martín Pérez

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N-Beta-Alanyldopamine (NBAD) is the primary catechol tanning agent precursor in typical brown or yellow insect cuticle. The insect integument enzyme responsible for the synthesis of NBAD was reported to be expressed solely in the epidermis, and only at the time of cuticle sclerotization. However, in this study we demonstrate directly that the enzyme also is(More)
In this work an ultrastructural analysis of the nuclear inclusions of neurons of chick (Gallus gallus) dorsomedial cerebral cortex during different perinatal stages has been made. Two types of nuclear inclusions could be identified: a) membranous nuclear inclusions and b) nuclear bodies. Into the type of membranous nuclear inclusions we distinguish compact(More)
Ifosfamide blood concentrations are necessary to monitor its therapeutic response, avoiding any adverse effect. We developed and validated an analytical method by UPLC-MS/MS to quantify ifosfamide in dried blood spots (DBS). Blood samples were collected on Whatman 903® filter paper cards. Five 3 mm disks were punched out from each dried blood spot.(More)
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