Martín Pérez-Andrés

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To the Editor: In a recent issue of The Journal of Experimental Medicine, Thomas Rothstein and colleagues, a group with long-standing expertise in the field of mouse B1 cells, reported the description of a B1 B cell subset in human blood, a population that has thus far eluded identification (Griffin et al., 2011). Mouse B1 cells are the main constituents of(More)
Cytogenetic studies in clonal plasma cell disorders have mainly been done in whole bone marrow or CD138(+) microbead-enriched plasma cells and suggest that recurrent immunoglobulin heavy chain translocations - e.g. t(4;14) -are primary oncogenetic events. The aim of this study was to determine cytogenetic patterns of highly purified aberrant plasma cells(More)
Breast cancer is a major cause of mortality in women. The transcription factor SNAI2 has been implicated in the pathogenesis of several types of cancer, including breast cancer of basal origin. Here we show that SNAI2 is also important in the development of breast cancer of luminal origin in MMTV-ErbB2 mice. SNAI2 deficiency leads to longer latency and(More)
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