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On the estimation of scale of fluctuation in geostatistics
Describing how soil properties vary spatially is of particular importance in stochastic analyses of geotechnical problems, because spatial variability has a significant influence on local materialExpand
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A unified mechanical and retention model for saturated and unsaturated soil behaviour
The coupled mechanical and water retention elasto-plastic constitutive model of Wheeler, Sharma and Buisson (the Glasgow coupled model, GCM) predicts unique unsaturated isotropic normal compressionExpand
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Influence of Mechanical Yielding on Predictions of Saturation: The Saturation Line
It is now well accepted that the mechanical and the water retention behaviour of a soil under unsaturated conditions are coupled and, that such coupling, should be incorporated into a constitutiveExpand
Error behaviour in explicit integration algorithms with automatic substepping
This paper studies the behaviour of the error incurred when numerically integrating the elasto-plastic mechanical relationships of a constitutive model for soils using an explicit substepping formulation with automatic error control. Expand
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Numerical Modelling of Water Breakthrough in Coarse Soils Initially at Very Low Degree of Saturation
Conventional constitutive models describing the water retention and hydraulic conductivity behaviour of soils under unsaturated conditions (e.g. the Van Genuchten-Mualem model) have some shortcomingsExpand
The Mechanical Yield Stress in Unsaturated and Saturated Soils
This paper discusses how the variation of mechanical yield stress with matric suction is represented in consti-tutive models for unsaturated and saturated soils. Particular emphasis is placed on howExpand
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Unification of plastic compression in a coupled mechanical and water retention model for unsaturated soils.
In 2003, Wheeler, Sharma, and Buisson presented an elastoplastic constitutive model for unsaturated soils that represents both the mechanical behaviour and water retention behaviour, including theExpand
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Conceptual hydraulic conductivity model for unsaturated soils at low degree of saturation and its application to the study of capillary barrier systems.
AbstractAccurate modeling and prediction of the variation of the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated soils at a very low degree of saturation has important implications in various engineering pro...
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