Marsyita Hanafi

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Face biometrics plays an important role in various authentication applications. However, one of the main design challenges for an accurate face biometrics is detecting spoof artificial artifacts. The development of robust anti-spoofing algorithm requires for rigorous system training and testing on facial database that includes various possible spoof(More)
This paper presents an algorithm that detects faces and facial features (eyes, nose and mouth) on images captured by CCTV system under various imaging conditions, such as variation in poses, scale, illumination and occlusion. The system detects face, nose and mouth using three different classifiers, which were created based on the Viola-Jones method [1] and(More)
Recognizing and verifying human faces captured by surveillance camera are critically important and challenging tasks. For these purposes, many databases have been introduced but most of them have less variability and small number of subjects. In this paper, we introduce a large scale, more challenging and large variability surveillance camera face database,(More)
Computer vision systems are one of the most widely used techniques in Automation and have been extensively used for industry automation. Industrial automation deals mainly with the automation of production, quality control and materials management processes. One trend is the increasing use of Machine vision to offer automatic inspection and robot guidance(More)
Face spoofing is considered to be one of the prominent threats to face recognition systems. However, in order to improve the security measures of such biometric systems against deliberate spoof attacks, liveness detection has received significant recent attention from researchers. For this purpose, analysis of facial skin texture properties becomes more(More)
This paper proposes an optimal combination of color components that best represent skin across different ethnics. The optimal combination is selected based on the performance of various combinations of color components, namely a combination of a, b and g, a combination of U, V and g, a combination of H, r, g and b, a combination of Hnew, Snew and g, and a(More)
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