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Information technology can link geographically separated people and help them locate interesting or useful resources. These attributes have the potential to bridge gaps and unite communities. Paradoxically, they also have the potential to fragment interaction and divide groups. Advances in technology can make it easier for people to spend more time on(More)
Past research has typically looked at fairly aggregate data on the relationship between IT and business value. In an effort to reveal the fine-grained relationships between IT use, information flows, and individual information-worker productivity, we study task level practices of information workers at a midsize executive recruiting firm. We analyze (1)(More)
We study the fine-grained relationships among information flows, IT use, and individual information-worker productivity , by analyzing work at a midsize executive recruiting firm. We analyze both project-level and individual-level performance using: (1) direct observation of over 125,000 e-mail messages over a period of 10 months by individual workers (2)(More)
This Chapter provides a survey of the economics literature on multi-sided platforms with particular focus on competition policy issues, including market definition, mergers, monopolization, and coordinated behavior. It provides a survey of the general industrial organization theory of multi-sided platforms and then considers various issues concerning the(More)