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Collaboration and the quality of economics research
Abstract This paper examines the widely held, but untested, belief that researchers who collaborate produce higher quality research than those who are sole-authors. All the articles published in 1990Expand
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An economic analysis of the demand for abortions.
This study uses an economic model of fertility control to estimate the demand for abortions. The results show that the fundamen tal law of demand holds for abortions, with the price elasticity of dExpand
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Editorial Favoritism in Economics
Are articles by authors with institutional connections or personal ties to the publishing journal's editor(s)/coeditors of lower quality than those authored without such connections? Examination ofExpand
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Allocation of Time and Hateful Behavior: A Theoretical and Positive Analysis of Hate and Hate Crimes
MARSHALL H. MEDOFF [*] ABSTRACT. This paper uses the rational-choice economic approach to analyze hateful behavior. The theoretical model predicts that hateful activity decreases with increases inExpand
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Evidence of a Harvard and Chicago Matthew Effect
The Matthew Effect refers to the hypothesis that a scientific contribution will receive disproportionate peer recognition whenever there are sharp and distinct differences in prestige within theExpand
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This paper estimates the supply of adoptions using a decision-making economic framework of desired fertility and family size. The empirical results show that the decision to place a child forExpand
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Suicides and Firearm Control Laws
This article empirically examines the relationship between suicides and firearm control laws. Firearm license to purchase or waiting period to purchase laws were found to reduce a state's suicideExpand
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The Political Implications of State Political Ideology: A Measure Tested
I Introduction The issue of ideology has received considerable attention in the literature. Almost all of the focus is on the ideology of legislators (e.g., U.S. senators or congressionalExpand
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The Ranking of Economists.
Using the number of citations as the criterion of quality, the author ranks economists and economics departments.
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A Citation-Based Analysis of Economists and Economics Programs
This paper uses citation counts, over the period 1971–1992, to rank the top 250 academic economists in the United States. Schools were ranked by the number of top 250 economists a university had onExpand
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