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The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) for fitting wide dynamic range compression (WDRC) instruments. Like its predecessor NAL-NL1 (Dillon, 1999), NAL-NL2 aims at making speech intelligible and overall loudness comfortable. This aim is mainly driven by a belief that these factors are most important for hearing aid users, but is also driven by the fact(More)
BACKGROUND Research groups and funding agencies need a functional assessment suitable for an ultra-low vision population to evaluate the impact of new vision-restoration treatments. The purpose of this study was to develop a pilot assessment to capture the functional visual ability and well-being of subjects whose vision has been partially restored with the(More)
A horse immunized with dog lynmphocytes produced an antiserum which agglutinated canine lymphocytes in vitro and caused prolonged lymphopenia in dogs in vivo. Renal transplants in dogs treated with this antiserum survived for long periods, two of the grafts surviving beyond 350 days with normal function and histologic appearance.
Multi-layer perceptrons are often slow to learn nonlinear functions with complex local structure due to the global nature of their function approximations. It is shown that standard multi-layer perceptrons are actually a special case of a more general network formulation that incorporates B-splines into the node computations. This allows novel spline(More)